Lodz | LO054WF | Jana Pawła II Ave. / Obywatelska St / dir. Pasaż Łódzki, Sukcesja SCs

  • Width: 7,1 m
  • Height: 13,2 m
  • 93,72 m2
  • Yes
  • large format


The hoarding is located by one of the main arteries in Łódź – Jana Pawła II Ave.

It is facing the direction towards Pasaż Łódzki and Sukcesja SCs. There are many commercial and service outlets nearby, including Aldi and an Orlen petrol station.

It is a zone of high pedestrian, vehicle, and public transport traffic.

There are also 4 lanes of the advert approach with traffic lights, which increases its viewing time.

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