Katowice | KA075WF | Chorzowska St / Żelazna St / opposite Silesia City Center Mall / OVERSIZE

  • Width side A: 51,3 m
    Height side A: 12,6 m
  • Width side B: 56,5 m
    Height side B: 12,6 m
  • 1 358,28 m2
  • Yes
  • large format


A corner elevation of an office building at Żelazna St, visible from Chorzowska St – the intercity road, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. The access route to the Silesian Stadium, ZOO, and the Amusement Park. A very high-volume car traffic. The advert is visible at the entrance and exit from the Silesia City Center mall. There are tram and bus stops nearby. The advertisement is placed at a height of 8m and visible from a distance of up to 300m.

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