Katowice | KA011WF | 63 Korfantego Ave. / dir. Spodek Hall & Silesia City Center Mall

  • Width: 10,94 m
  • Height: 15,94 m
  • 174,38 m2
  • Yes
  • large format


The unit is located a the large junction of Korfantego Ave. with Katowicka St with traffic lights.  The advertisement is visible from a long approach and facing the direction towards the very centre of Katowice, the Spodek hall, the Galeria Katowicka SC, the Silesia City Center mall and the Main Railway Station. The junction is a crucial point in the city –  Korfantego Ave. and Katowicka St are is the main communication routes of the city with very intense vehicle traffic. The hoarding is visible to people driving from three directions.

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