Katowice | KA100WF C | Side C / Novotel Hotel / Roździeńskiego Ave. / the Intercity Road / dir. Silesia City Center Mall, Spodek Hall

  • Width: 12,6 m
  • Height: 10,6 m
  • 133,56 m2
  • Yes
  • large format


One of the busiest arteries in Katowice.
The media is located in a prestigious location next to the Novotel Hotel – at Roździeńskiego Ave.
In close proximity to the billboard, there are attractive retail and service outlets in Katowice.
There is practically 24/7 traffic around the advertisement, both for pedestrians and cars.
This place is characterized by very heavy traffic – constant traffic jams. The road chosen by most people heading towards Silesia City Center, Spodek Hall, Dworzec Gł. PKP.

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